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Mina has a great sense of fashion, trends, and color theory.  She has a very classic approach to style, keeping her looks more timeless and effortless.  She is known for adding her personal flair to looks by popping colors, adding touches of trend, mixing textures, and creating seamless looks that appear effortless and modern.  Educated with a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry from Stetson University, Mina is keen on details and meticulous.  She has a way of adding this level of detail into her craft with her perceptive eye on trends and what will still be fashionable 5 years from now.  She styles her client's looks to match this esthetic and style theme.  "It is harder to be timeless than to be on trend," Mina says.  With this in mind, Mina caters to her client's needs by creating an effortless, timeless, and chic style that enhances her client's own sense of personal style, but by elevating their look to their "Next Level You."

Mina grew up internationally during her formative years, and moved to Florida as a child.  Growing up beachside has effected not only her warm and exuberant personality, but also her outlook on life and her style esthetic.  Mina knows how to do boho chic, Surfside casual, and resort style effortlessly.  After college, she moved to Los Angeles to study acting and pursue modeling.  During her time in LA, she was influenced by the casual, laid back rocker style of LA.  This has also inspired her ability to do streetstyle and urban wear with ease.  She later moved to New York City where she was inspired by the fast paced city life.  Mina lived downtown in Chelsea where fashion is fast, gritty, has no rules, and where personality is shown all over the streets.... where the streets are your own personal runway.  This style inspiration can be seen in the fashion pages which Mina styles regularly for her local lifestyle magazine, (201) Magazine.  She is a regular style contributor with her own monthly style column of "Mina's Top Picks," as well as an editorial stylist having styled over 6 covers and countless fashion features.  You can see these features on  

Mina collaborates with several fashion brands and has a strong social media presence.  Creating her own lifestyle brand, she shows her growing and engaged followers an inspiring look into motherhood, her joy of homecooking, her love of food, her travels all over the world, her motivational and empowering sessions at the gym.... all while being fashionable,  funny, and bringing some glamour and color into a mundane world.

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